Crane Operator Hire

When you need a skilled crane operator, we will provide the perfect operator for the right equipment, the right job, and of course, the right client.

Diverse expertise

Our operators have extensive experience in using various lifting equipment and working at all kinds of sites, both big and small.
If you are not sure what kind of equipment or operator you need, it is our job to be sure and help you. Regardless of the extent of your personnel needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

Crane operators for bigger and smaller needs.

Professional operators

We will help you to find an operator for all types of cranes. 
Our operators are adept at handling a wide variety of equipment, from telehandlers to the largest cranes. We will provide you with a well-prepared and experienced team, no matter the size of the machinery.

For different locations

Our company has experience from various industries.
We operate in metal, forestry, energy, and bio industries, especially in wind turbine, mining, construction, and other manufacturing industries.

Us, Rentop

Rentop is an international company in the construction industry. We operate in more than 25 countries and employ 150 professionals.

Contact Us

You can contact us by e-mail, phone, or contact form. We have locations in five different cities, both in Finland and Poland.