Professionals of the Future

Rentop, a company with ample experience in construction and industrial projects, has their work cut out for them. The company has made its name in lifting operation management. The company operates globally.

– We are currently preparing for the upcoming season, recruiting new employees as we speak. At the moment, we employ just short of 200 lifting professionals. We are internationalising at breakneck speed. Our office in Poland just opened, and we have expanded our operations to Portugal and France. Recently, we have been mapping out the Belgian marketplace, explains CEO Markku Lehkonen, one of the company’s founders.

Although Rentop expands abroad, the company also seeks a firmer foothold in the Finnish marketplace. Lehkonen hopes that Rentop’s high-quality specialist services and Finnish crane companies’ needs will meet more and more in the future.

Growth Requires Development

During its years of operation, Rentop has been involved in metal, forestry, bio and energy industries. Growth has been rapid, particularly in the wind power industry due to heavy global investing in renewable energy. Recently, Rentop has also been engaged in various construction projects.

During a period of rapid growth, everyday practical and management processes must continue to develop to enable Rentop to nurture its lifting professionals. As the company’s operations become increasingly international, different taxation practices create their own set of challenges. Employees are not just numbers, they are the field’s top operators who deserve the highest appreciation.

Trusted Crane Operator Provider

Rentop operates a wide range of machinery, from telehandlers to the biggest cranes on the market. As demand increases, so does the need for new employees. The lifting industry is developing in such a way that professional personnel are increasingly hired from a single provider. The business model where a crane company hires its own operators is becoming extinct.

– This network business model is already prevalent abroad. Finland is lagging behind in this. Rentop is at the forefront of establishing this new model in Finland, Markku clarifies.

The size of cranes keeps increasing. Larger cranes will play a bigger role in future construction. The reason is simple. Materials are manufactured as enormous elements that have to be transported with specialized equipment to the work sites, such as power plants. This requires increased lifting capacity. The sturdier the equipment, the more expertise is required.

– We train new crane operators in collaboration with Kurko Academy. Courses are held throughout the year. We have partaken in developing a unique training programme in Finland. The programme takes 4-6 months. No other company has organised such an extensive set of training courses, Markku states.

We Are the Rentopians

Rentop’s operators often have a diverse work history. Regardless of their working background, a skilled operator needs patience, good judgement, initiative, and interpersonal skills. Solidarity and team spirit are vital to Rentop. 

– Prior experience is not required, it’s all about attitude. If operating heavy machinery interests you, don’t hesitate to apply. The work is varied, sometimes challenging. The employee has the possibility to affect their career development, regardless of whether they want to stay in their role or further their career. The salary is determined by the work assignments. You have a great opportunity to attain a substantial salary and see the world by working with the biggest lifting companies in the world, Markku explains.

Naturally, every job has its downsides. The working hours can be quite irregular. We work when there is work to be done. This is not a nine-to-five job.